Blue Summit Supplies is our line of private-label office supplies. Available via and other online retailers, we leverage an agile eCommerce business model with direct-to-consumer manufacturing operations in both North America and Asia. Combined with our small yet savvy team of in-house staff, this business model allows us to deliver high-quality products at the best possible price alongside above-and-beyond personal service for our customers.

Armed with a warm personality, an upbeat attitude, and the help of our Chief Happiness Officer Larry (the office pup), we at Blue Summit Supplies are reinventing the industry’s status quo through laser-focused simplicity. In stark contrast to the high retail prices and passionless, bottom-line business practices often associated with big box office supply stores, our company’s purpose-driven model and lean supply chain have been carefully engineered to directly feed the value we’re able to provide our customers.

And what exactly does "value" mean to us? That's easy: Remarkably low prices, definitively high quality, and the most epic customer service possible. These values are the drivers behind everything we do at Blue Summit Supplies. Because at the end of the day, we know it’s living, breathing people – not faceless companies – at the heart of everything. People first, profit second. It's just that simple.