We exist solely to add value to our sphere of influence

We care deeply about our sphere of influence. All our actions are designed to add value to and improve the lives of those within it. Enough is never enough; we go the extra mile for our sphere, and will be the best at what we do – or we will not do it.



1. Learn, innovate, and think differently

FCS is committed to learning and improving at every opportunity. We think differently. We don’t accept the status quo, nor do we set our standard by how the incumbent does business. Fear of failure is never an acceptable excuse for not trying something new. We remain curious and open to learning, and we implement these lessons learned in favor of changes, improvements, and innovations. This way, we can add value to our sphere.

2. Embrace scale and think big

We believe it’s selfish to limit greatness to a small audience, so our aim is to add value to the world on the largest scale possible. We have something great to offer our customers and our sphere as a whole, and we want to offer this value to as many people as we can. We embrace the power of scale so we can both increase value for our current customers and introduce the best possible value to new ones.

3. Believe in what you do

It’s crucial that we believe in what we do on an individual level. If we don’t believe in our work, we give our sphere no reason to believe in us, either. We must embrace our business, our values, and who we are. We must own it all, take pride in it, and spread the word about it. We are here to add value to our customer in unique ways and be proud we’ve added that value. We must be proud of caring about our customers - genuinely caring - and caring about our supplies, and our colleagues. This is rare; we must own it and grow it.

4. Create resourcefulness and innovation through frugality 

When we spend money, we take time to think it through and are conscious of the value proposition it creates. Think: Is this really the best way for this dollar to be spent? Is my sphere really getting the best value per dollar? We are resourceful and think outside the box for each dollar spent. The more value per dollar we get, the more value our sphere receives. Embrace frugality and be resourceful with every dollar.

5. Embrace the power of profit

Profit is to a business as gasoline is to a car. A car needs gasoline to run, but its purpose is not to run on gasoline. Likewise, profit is not the point of our business, but without it we cannot exist. We strive to make a profit so we can reinvest that profit into our sphere, causing our sphere to benefit and grow on a never-ending cycle. Profit gives us power and allows us to scale, pushing inefficient companies aside and gaining further profits so that we can continue improving our sphere through our cycle. We embrace the power of profit. We are proud of what we do and the money we make doing it.


Our core values define why we do business. They describes why we are here, and why we are motivated to continue. All our values are connected and intertwined to support our purpose. No one value is less important than another, and they are all dependent upon one another. Without any one value, our purpose will fail.

Ultimately, we are here to add value to everyone around us: our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners, and community. We are all in this together. When we execute everyday based on the five values listed above, we will build a truly visionary company we can all be proud of.